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Pamela D. Price is a woman on a mission. As a young girl, growing up in Texas, she saw firsthand the impact of social determinants of health and was determined to not only do better for herself but to help other along the way. In 2012, she started Priceless Vessels of Promise, a nonprofit aimed at developing and sustaining programs that educate, empower, and support young girls and women. As Executive Director, Ms. Price provides comprehensive community-based programs to local areas in the Richmond Virginia Metro area.

Mrs. Price has a worked in the public health profession for nearly 20 years having gained vast experiences in public health, healthcare, and community health. She has served as a member of the U.S. Army Nurse Corp and has excelled in both government and non-governmental agencies providing leadership and guidance on program management, quality improvement, and project development. Mrs. Price has conducted workshops and presented at national conferences to include The United States Conference on AIDS and the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. She also serves as a consultant to community-based organizations providing project development, management, and evaluation services.

Recently, Ms. Price was on our show talking about The increasing impacts of stress and anxiety on Black women.

During our conversation, Ms. Price talked about:

– Some of her background including growing up in Texas, being raised by her grandparents, joining the military right after finishing high school
– Memories of her grandparents and her mother
– sharing her relationship with her mother who faced addictions with her daughter
– What her experience in the army taught her, her decision to leave the army and her life after leaving the army
– why did she want to talk about this subject
– “The Strong And Stressed Black Woman” article
– The importance of self-care for Black women and the challenge that many Black women face in getting mental health care
– some of the challenges that many Black women face in the workplace
– Diversity and inclusion policies are not set up to help many Black women succeed
– “Black women are in a constant chronic stage of stress.”
– “Many Black women are in a stage of flight or fight”
– how she overcome two deaths in her family (one of them being her mom) during the earlier part of this year and her husband’s support during this time
– How churches have to do a better job helping their attendees
– Black women and racial and gender discrimination

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