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Paul Nguyen is a filmmaker, journalist and social activist best known for creating

Nguyen’s impact is recognized by political and community leaders across Canada. He is a public speaker and media commentator on race, crime and youth issues.

Nguyen sits on the York University Alumni Board, York University Senate, and the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada. He is featured on a list of noteworthy historical figures for Asian Heritage Month by the Government of Canada.

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Dwayne Wright (Mr. Fresh) is an Canadian Award Winning Entrepreneur and C.E.O from Toronto. In Toronto, there is a notoriously known neighborhood called Jane and Finch, or Jane and Fresh which Mr. Fresh likes to call it. He was raised in the midst of guns, drugs, violence and poverty it molded him from seeing violence, drugs and guns first hand, to the successful businessman he is today becoming Fresh and Famous.

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Recently, Paul and Dwayne were our show talking about the article Jane-Finch voices speak truth to power on gun violence.

During the conversation, Paul and Dwayne talked about:

– Some of their experiences and challenges growing up in the Jane-Finch area
– Why did Paul decide to write this article
– Their experiences during the first “Summer Of The Gun” in Toronto (2005)
– What has been happening in Jane-Finch since 2005
– “The best social program is a job.” Paul
– The background behind the article
– The practice of carding by the police
– Their reactions when they see people leaving Jane and Finch
– The threat of gentrification and the effect that the current political climate is having
– Their thoughts on councilman’s Giorgio Mammoliti comments calling some of the residents of the area as “cockroaches”
– Some of the misconceptions and some great things about Jane and Finch
– Solutions to help make positive change

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