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Spinster: also referred to as an old maid, a woman who has never been married and is considered past the “normal” age of marrying.

Urban Spinster is our safe space for single women to create our OWN agenda, dispelling societal myths and redefining the word Spinster.

The driving force behind Urban Spinster is Sadia Sanders. Ms. Sanders is a full-time employee in healthcare finance, entrepreneur and homeowner while volunteering my time as a member of multiple organizations participating in community projects for over a decade.

The information Ms. Sanders gives at the Urban Spinster is not to prepare single women for a mate, but to ensure that they are thriving and whole in the meantime. Only you can define your meantime. Is that marriage or not? She doesn’t know. But she is celebrating our single life now.

She lets you in on how she learned to celebrate her single life.

Recently, Ms. Sanders was on our show talking about Urban Spinster.

During our conversation, Ms. Sanders talked about:

– Living in Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles and her experience living in each of those cities
– How she ended up working in the health care industry
– The story behind Urban Spinster
– Her parents reaction to her being single
– What are some of the challenges that single women bring to her attention
– Emphasizing enjoying your single life and what are some things that ladies can do to enjoy the single life
– Has she had any push back
– why do some of the women she deals with have self identity challenges
– Her Dad’s feedback to Urban Spinster
– How did she come up with the spinster concept
– How single mothers more accepted than women who not being married
– The meaning of her first name

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