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12th Annual Textur’d Hair & Beauty Show, formerly the TORONTO NATURAL HAIR & BEAUTY SHOW, on September 23rd – 24th, 2017, at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre located at 6 Garamond Drive in Toronto, Ontario.

With a focus on reshaping our perception of natural hair and emphasizing its beauty to dissolve racial stereotypes, the Toronto Naturals Hair & Beauty Show provides attendees with an atmosphere of positivity, promoting natural hair, natural health and natural beauty.

This is a family event welcoming all people and encompasses over 50 exhibitors, interactive workshops, fashion & hair shows and live entertainment. At the show, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about various styling tips for natural hair, holistic health, fashion and much more!

This is Toronto’s longest running show on natural hair, health and beauty for people from the African Diaspora. Since its inception in 2003, the show has been a huge success, starting off as a one-day (4 hour) event with about 90 participants, to now a full two-day event with over 1000 visitors including international guests. This annual event continues to expand every year due to the fast growing number of African-Canadian women who are returning to wearing their hair in its natural state.

We take the feedback from our customers, vendors and sponsors seriously and have incorporated a system within our plan to ensure we identify and correct any gaps as well as build upon our strengths. As a result, we expect an even bigger, bolder and stronger 2016 Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show!

Recently, Stephanie Joseph, Founder/Executive Producer of the Textur’d Hair & Beauty Show was on our show.

Ms. Joseph was joined one the show by one of the guest speakers for this year’s Textur’d Hair & Beauty Show, Dr. Nadine Wong.

Dr. Nadine Wong is an immigrant of Jamaica who has called Canada home for over 20 years. She is the C.E.O of Alabaster Wellness Clinic, founder of Alabaster Gate Children’s Charity, creator of Alabaster Beauty Ointment Products, and author of “What If Your Hair Could Speak, What Would it Say?” “Revelation of my Hair Chronicle”, and currently, completing her third book, Sex- In my Christian Bed.

Dr. Wong has always been intrigued with human anatomy and physiology. After obtaining certificates in Psychology and Interpersonal Group Skills from Centennial College, and from Marvel Beauty School she obtained Hairdressing Diploma and Black Hair Dressing Certification. She furthered studies in Cosmetology and advance studies on Ethnic Hair at Dudley University, North Carolina. Dr. Wong obtained her Doctorate in Cosmetology from the Dillard University and another Doctorate in Trichology from The International Institute of Trichology, Huntsville, Alabama (board certified with the American Drugless Association). Her academic journey came full circle at the California State Christian University where she majored in Psychotherapy. There she has obtained her General Practice Psychotherapist (GPP) and Clinical Psychotherapy accreditations. Presently, she is completing studies in Pharmacology and Food Science at Durham College.

Dr. Wong’s mandate is through scientific research validate health is to be view as one unit. The issues of mental health, application of cosmetics, and consumption of foods are a ramification as a result of exposure to products.

Dr. Wong is a Board Member of the following organizations: The World Organization of Natural MedicineThe Board of Integrative Medicine (, The Board of Natural Medicine, Education Beyond BordersThe Black Hair Dresser Association(Canadian Chapter) and The National Beauty Culture League Inc., Washington DC. In addition to her practice, Dr. Wong is a sought after Motivational Speaker.

In 2013 she was the recipient of Harry Jerome Health Science AwardThe Breakfast Club Award, also the 2003 Achievement Award, 2002 Trichology Student of the Year, and 2001 Pioneer Award. She also functioned as a guest Health advisor contributor on G98.7 FM (CKFG) and Spirit Radio Songs of Solomon. Her personal aspiration is to unlock the harmony of individual’s mind through education based on complete wellness involving the mind, body and spirit.

In 2010, Alabaster Gate Children’s Charity was established Dr. Nadine Wong, based on her desire that every child should be able to have an education and develop vital life skills. That each child should have the freedom to focus only on the lessons being taught in school, and not be distracted with concerns of a hot meal or finances to obtain the necessary school items. The charity also has grown and now includes The International Skype Education Project.

Dr. Wong is an active member of the following Organizations:

The World Organization of Natural Medicine
The Board of Integrative Medicine
Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners-North America
Education Beyond Borders
Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

You can find out more about Dr. Wong via:


During our conversation, the ladies talked about:

– Stephanie shared some of her background and some of the show’s background
– Dr. Wong give some her background and her relationship with the show
– How the natural hair movement evolved over the years
– The significance of Black women’s hair in relationship to Black history
– How the show has grown and evolved and the demographic of the attendees
– Dr. Vong shares some great information on Black hair
– The fact that younger Black people getting into the natural hair industry
– That Dr. Vibe does not have a “hill and gully ride head”
– Stephanie shares about the all the workshops happening
– The lack of Blacks manufacturing natural hair products
– Why did Stephanie change the name of the show and why should men come to the show
– Their hopes and concerns about the future of the natural hair industry
– Why are they excited about this year’s show

If you missed the Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show in 2016, you cannot afford to miss it this year!

Tickets are $25 for in advance for Saturday, and $30 at the door. $20 for Sunday. A weekend pass is $35. Children under 12 receive FREE admission.

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