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Between Sept 2004 – Feb 2006, Tad Hargrave dedicated himself to learning his ancestral language, Scottish Gaelic, in both Nova Scotia and Scotland. He can speak Gaelic pretty good now. He also has a blog called Healing Whiteness: An Exploration of the European Indigenous Soul. he writes at Dear White Men on Facebook and he co-starred in Canada’s second Gaelic language film, The Fiddler’s Reel.

Tad currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta (traditionally known, in the local indigenous language of the Cree, as Amiskwaciy (Beaver Hill) and later Amiskwaciwaskihegan (Beaver Hill House) and his ancestors come primarily from Scotland with some from the Ukraine as well. He is drawn to conversations around politics, history, ancestry, healing and how those all intersect.

Mr. Hargrave was on our show talking about his article Dear White Men.

During our conversation, Mr. Hargrave talked about:

– Some of his background and how he became aware of the challenges that people of color and indigenous face
– The status of the lives of indigenous people and that environmental issues effect indigenous people the most
– The story behind the article
– The two directions that white people go when it comes to race
– Green light, yellow light and red light when it comes to cultural
– The two ways that white respond to racism
– The response to the article
– A call to action for white men

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