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The Jahmeyka Project is a non-profit organization run by licensed social workers and funded solely by donations, seeking to directly benefit social services and communities in Jamaica.

The Jahmeyka Project origins began twenty years ago when Dr. Leslie Yaffa went to Jamaica as a Master’s of Social Work student. She became a college professor and created a graduate-level course that offered students an international social work experience focused on community engagement in Jamaica. After 5 years of visiting multiple agencies, providing community service to selected agencies, and experiencing the Jamaican social service culture, it was clear to Dr. Yaffa that the work, partnerships and connections to the communities had to go beyond the classroom.

Today, the Jahmeyka Project utilizes a service-learning and educational approach to integrate with our partnerships in Jamaica. We build on critical and reflective thinking, community service, partnership responsibility and inclusion. Through knowledge mobilization and partnerships, we are continuing to build a non-profit that will be open to all helping professions in future years who want to engage in professional trainings, workshops, field placements (into Jamaican organizations), outreach and research in Jamaica.

Beyond our work on the ground, The Jahmeyka Project supports organizations in the Kingston, Jamaica area who have identified needs in their communities for goods such as school supplies and hygiene products.. We also donate funds to agencies for their operating costs that are deemed to be most in need based upon our application process.

The Jahmeyka Project’s mission is to enhance community partnerships through a collaborative knowledge exchange as an ally with social services in Jamaica.

The Jahmeyka Project’s vision is to foster inclusion of social services through education alongside helping professionals by engaging in mutual partnerships and communities in the Caribbean.

Recently, members of The Jahmeyka Project were live on our show.

During our conversation, they talked about:

– Some of each of the ladies background and how they all met
– Where did each of the ladies love for Jamaica come from and their memories of meeting each other for the first time
– The story behind The Jahmeykah Project including getting non-profit status in Canada and the United States
– The initial response of Jamaicans to The Jameykah Project
– The status of social service agencies in Jamaica at this time
– The first “YES!” moment being part of The Jameykah Project
– Have they receive any pushback
– Have the challenges for Jamaicans changed over the years
– The impact of Covid19 on Jamaica, the social services agencies based there and The Jahmeykah Project
– Their vision for the next five years
– The state of fatherhood in Jamaica

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