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Tomika Anderson

Tomika Anderson is an award-winning content creator, communications director, lifelong traveller with passport stamps from five continents, longtime, proven champion of women and children and a lioness mom to Solomon, my adorable four-year-old son. Having worked with everyone from Beyoncé to Serena Williams, I’ve learned from the best and sought to share that knowledge as a communications strategy consultant. I’m on a journey to empower moms from all walks of life to design a life they’re proud of, and one that supports their children to no end.

Ms. Anderson and Stephanie Sampson have created the Motivated Mamas Mastermind.

The Motivated Mamas Mastermind is a 90-day sprint cycle that provides a safe, virtual, supportive space for single moms of all backgrounds.

The purpose? To share expertise, hacks, best practices and problem solve on anything and everything holding you back, whether that’s having to navigate the child support system, a need to boost your credit score, a push toward launching your successful business or securing that corner office. Or maybe it’s losing that stubborn “baby weight” and getting back out there on the dating scene so you can meet someone compatible.

The not-so-secret weapon? Accountability. In case you didn’t know, accountability partners are crucial to getting a promotion at work, mastering a new trade, finding a sponsor for your conference or replacing that soul-sucking job … and so much more.

Recently, Ms. Anderson was on our show talking about the Motivated Mamas Mastermind.

During our conversation, Ms. Anderson talked about:

– How has life being a military brat impacted her
– What influenced her to get into the world of journalism and some of her career highlights
– How did she get into the world of coaching
– How did her and Stephanie meet and how did the start the Motivated Mamas Mastermind
– What is the Motivated Mamas Mastermind is all about and what services does it offer
– What has Motivated Mamas Mastermind taught her about herself
– How are people hearing about the Motivated Mamas Mastermind

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