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In this episode, we speak with Bernice Carnegie, Executive Director, of the Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation. The Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation is a non-profit, registered, charitable organization established by Ms. Carnegie's parents and herself in 1987. It has two mandates: to foster self-esteem and ethical behaviour through the application of the Future Aces Creed and to assist youth to attain the highest level of achievement both personally and academically within their capabilities.The Future Aces Philosophy was created Herbert Carnegie in 1956 is designed to help youth develop the self-knowledge that will enable them to take control of their lives and to use their abilities in a positive way. It provides a model for behaviour based on teachable skills with a meaningful message to encourage responsible citizenship. Used in this context:FUTURE means always striving for improvementACES means being the best you can be and an acronym for: A Attitude, Ability, Action, Achieve C Co-operation, Courage, Confidence E Empathy, Example, Education S Service, Sportsmanship Ms. Carnegie shares with us on how her father's, one of Canada's greatest citizens, life and creed become a fantastic organization and it's growth. Enjoy!! The Future Aces Foundation is holding it's Annual Amazing Aces Gala on the evening of May 20, 2010. For more information about the Amazing Aces Gala and the the Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation, click on the following link: You can also find out more information please call (905) 947-9131 or emailing Ms. Carnegie at Feel free to email us at God bless, peace, be well and keep the faith, Vibe and Vegas