The Dr. Vibe Show™
Over the last few years, the economy has not been the best for Blacks. What challenges do Blacks face and how can they proper in today's economy? This is a rebroadcast of the live interview that we did on "Blacks and Unemployment" with Arnold Minors, consultant in the area organizational health and effectiveness and Louis March board member of the African Canadian Heritage Association and who is also helping out two community groups, Young and Potential Fathers and Brothers Helping Brothers. During our conversation, we address the following questions: 1. What is the current employment market for Blacks? 2. Statiscally speaking, why are more Blacks dealing with unemployment more than Whites? 3.Do Blacks feel any different than White when they are unemployed? 4. While unemployed, do Blacks have access to the same resources as Whites? Are Blacks utilizing the resources available to them? What resources are available to Blacks? What resources are Blacks not using? 5. What solutions do you have to resolve this issue?