The Dr. Vibe Show™

Charles Major is currently the thirty-one year old CEO of several business ventures, mentor and a consultant. He was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He is the youngest of four children. His main job is to motivate people. In seventh grade, he knew that he was going to be somebody and was signing autographs and told people to save the autograph. Growing up, his mother told him to go to school but he realized that school was not for him and that no job could or would pay him what he is worth. So, he quit college at nineteen years old and has been an entrepreneur ever since. During our interview, Charles talks and shares about the challenge of growing up with the support of his father, the challenge of having a Black male role model and that all of his male role models are white, his first business that he started at nineteen years old (selling women's clothes), the importance of teamwork and relationships, the story behind his book "Become A Mogul", some of his favorite books, what services he offers, some of the challenges that Black men face, the disconnect between older and younger Black men, thoughts on hip hop and it's effect on young Black men, that entrepreneurship is the only way that Black men can move forward, two common errors of entrepreneurs and three key elements that entrepreneurs need to succeed, messages to Black women and Black men and what would he like his legacy to be. You can contact Charles via: (web) @iamamogul (Twitter) (LinkedIn) (You Tube)