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After her great participation as a panelist at The Media Huddle's "Follow Me" event this past Wednesday evening, we realized that we have a great interview with Cher Jones of Socially Active that we had not posted yet. So, here is our interview with Cher that we did back in August. Cher is involved in many things. Some of these are: running her own company (Socially Active), senior communications coordinator for the city of Toronto, host of a tech show, a regular contributor for the last four years for the "Steve & Chris Show" on CBC, writing her first book, "Procrastepreneur". She specializes in communications planning and social media training strategies. During our interview, we chat about a number of subjects including her wanting to in front of the camera since she was four years old, some of her background and involvement in journalism, being involved in social media before it was called social media, current state of Black bloggers in Toronto, the need for more Blacks in social media, communications and PR positions and what can be done to change it, why did she start "Socially Active", some of the best social media platforms for business and where did she find time to do everything she does. You can connect with Cher via: (web) @itscherjones (Twitter) (Linkedin) (Google Plus)
Category:Citizen Journalism -- posted at: 11:03am EST