The Dr. Vibe Show™
We had the opportunity to attend the 19th annual "Visions Of Science" Science Symposium on May 8, 2010 in Toronto. It was held at the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre at Ryerson Univerisity.We had the opportunity to speak and share with Dr. Christopher Edmin, Ph.D. Dr. Edmin is an Assistant Professor Of Science Education: Mathematics, Science and Technology at Columbia University in New York.During this interview we chat about various subject like how much important his parents were to his success, "retooling Schooling", how he relates hip hop and science, his hip hop group GHOSTTOWN, what education means to him, his recently published book "Urban Science For The Hip-Hop Generation". He even drops us a rhyme!!Here is Dr. Edmin's contact information:Email: ce2165@columbia.eduTwitter: (212) 678-3825Fax: 678-8145Book: "Urban Science Education For The Hip-Hop Generation" ... view book at by clicking on the following link free to email us at and visit our podcast site at bless, peace, be well and keep the faith,Vibe and Vegasinfo@blackcanadianman.com