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Joel Powell is a young Black man that is man of many talents. He is a DJ, hosts and programs an online radio show, manager of his own entertainment company and he has just finished writing his first book, "Black Empowerment & Minority Issues", which will be available on July 25, 2010.In this episode, Joel shares his thoughts on Black Canadian men and the following issues: Black Canadian Men and Fatherhood, Black Canadian Men and the Entertainment Industry, Black Canadian Men and the Legal System and Black Canadian Men and the Prison System.Here is how you can get in touch with Joel:website: nrentinc@hotmail.comInternet Radio Show: "The Layer Show" with Ninja Ryders Sound on Thursday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) at http://sensimedia.netPhone: (647) 388-8212 Feel free to email us at and visit our podcast site at If you live in North America, you can leave us a voice mail at 1-866-280-9385.God bless, peace, be well and keep the faith,Vibe and Vegasinfo@blackcanadianman.com