The Dr. Vibe Show™
Jonathan Sprinkles was voted "The National Speaker Of The Year (United States) and is the author of ten books. His mission is to inspire outstanding performance in each person he meets. He grew up very shy, stuttered and had stage fright. He became a leader while attending the University of Texas at Austin. After graduation, Jonathan worked at Dell Computers for 2 ½ years as a sales rep. went to Toastmasters. In May 2002, he quit his job and been speaking around the world ever since. During our chat Jonathan tells us where did he got his drive from, how his parents taught him education and street smarts, his struggles as a student until his junior year in college, some important books that he read when he was younger, how he appeared with Magic Johnson on a billboard, how he met Dennis Kimbro, what working in the corporate world taught him, the day he left the corporate world, how did he start writing books, how "Get Off Your But and Make It Happen!" happened. Jonathan also answers some questions, talks about various parts of "Get Off Your But and Make It Happen" and provides suggestions on how to thrive in a challenging economy @jsprinkles (Twitter) (Facebook) (You Tube)