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We have another first for you!! Our first interview with a Black Canadian female chef, La-toya Fagon. Chef La-toya is Canadian born of Jamaican parents and loves her Jamaican heritage. She has a love of Northern Italian, Mediterranean and West Indians cuisine. Her favorite food is Italian but she makes sure that West Indian cooking is part of everything she makes. When she was growing up, her mother was her major influence when it came to cooking. Her mother's cooking specialties were pizza and lasagne. She started her formal cooking journey when she enrolled at the renowned George Brown College cooking school which was against her parents wishes. After leaving George Brown College before she was supposed to graduate, she acquired a position as Assistant and Coordinator for the Loblaws cooking schools for six years where she helped open 14 schools. She left that position in September 2009 and has had her own company, Twist Catering, ever since. During our chat, Chef La-toya shares about various subjects including her respect and love of Black people, the difference between a chef and a cook, how failure is part of her everyday life, if the Black community supports her, her pet peeves when it comes to cooking, her thoughts on The Food Network, her work with young offenders, why May 27, 2011 is a special day for her, how she wants everyone to eat one day in Africa and the future of Twist Catering.
Category:Citizen Journalism -- posted at: 10:50am EDT