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Meditation. Many think that it does not work, many think that it does.In this episode, we speak and share with Morgan O. Smith.Morgan has had an interesting life. He was an established comedian and heavily involved in the entertainment industry for 14 years. Then, he felt that "something was missing". He started doing and studying meditation. He shares with us how meditation has helped him personally and professionally. Morgan has been studying Eastern Philosophy & Metaphysics and has been practicing meditation/yoga for almost 10 years. He holds a Teacher's Certificate in Transformation Meditation and is certified in Meditation. He is a member of the SHA (Sound Healer Association).He is a Yinnergy Practitioner. Yinnergy is a very sophisticated form of nero-audio technology. Through stereo headphones, Yinnergy puts the participant into deep meditative states, overtime leading to emotional, mental and spiritual growth.Morgan has just opened his practice four weeks ago. Here is the contact information:Corrective Healthcare Group1371 Neilson Road, Suite 206,Scarborough, Ontario.M1B 4Z8Phone: (416) 281-0640Fax: (416) 281-9519 Email: Feel free to email us at and visit our podcast site at bless, peace, be well and keep the faith,Vibe and