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Another season of the National Football League (NFL) has started. A story that continues to linger in regards to the NFL is the treatment of Black quarterbacks by many in the media. Ron Glover is the editor in chief of The Starting Five who lives in Philadelphia. He was approached by Michael Tillery who started The Starting Five to write for The Starting Five and he been part of it since. During our interview Ron discusses about the media treatment about Black NFL quarterbacks such as Terrelle Pryor, Cam Newton, Michael Vick and JaMarcus Russell, we will see more Black quarterbacks in the NFL, what the future holds for him, a story that he would like to cover that he has not (Dr. Harry Edwards), some of his favorite pieces and favorite Black athletes, the state of the Black athlete and his message for Black men. To read Ron's articles "Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Terrelle Pryor And The Media's Attempt to Deter The Black Quarterback:" (Part One) (Part Two) Here is a video clip featuring Dr. Harry Edwards (a man that Ron would like to interview) To check out The Starting Five, please go to