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With 2010 coming to an end, we thought that we talk and share about some of the stories that we thought were of interest to Black men in 2010. This episode not only was the start of our year in review but it was the start of a new feature for the show. For a while, we had a vision of doing regular podcasts with Black Canadian and Black American men discuss various issues that they feel are important. Well, this episode is the start of this journey. In this episode, we have Colin Jobe of "Colin's Edge" ( ) and "The Cutting Edge" on CHRY FM ( ) and Brandon Frame "The Black Man Can"at In this episode, we start off discussing about LeBron James leaving Cleveland and "taking his talents to Miami". Everyone had a take on this story. We then move onto talking about about Blacks in sports. If you would like to read a good book about Blacks and athletics, please check out: "40 Million Dollar Slaves: ; The Rise, The Fall and Redemption Of The Fall Of The Black Athlete" by William C. Roden Renowned "New York Times" columnist Rhoden deconstructs the black athlete in this explosive and absorbing discussion of race, politics, and the history of American sports. He argues that for all their money and fame, black athletes are no better off than slaves whose masters forced them to race and fight. Feel free to email us at If you live in North America, you can leave us a voice mail at 1-866-280-9385