The Dr. Vibe Show™

BrothaTech ("The Lowdown" On All Things Tech) is Terrance Gaines, a technology writer who also specializes in residential, small business and personal technology consulting. His love for technology started in 1998 and started getting paid for technology consulting in 2008.Terrance is a husband and a father to two girls. During our chat, Terrance talks about a number of subjects where did the name "Brotha Tech" came from, the changing world of social media, how African American can make money from social media, the current hot trends in social media, how more Black men can involved in social media, the world of smartphones, the future of Blackberry, what smartphone is best for you, tablet vs. laptop, Is there still a market for latops?, the paperless environment, cloud computing, Google+, his favorite apps and his message for Black men.