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High Tower Ministries Podcast with Bill & Cara Nordeen

Dec 28, 2021

Join us for “Testimony Tuesdays” this week as we will be interviewing Prophet Philip Cappuccio the founder of “Sound of the Trumpet Ministries” based just outside of Washington DC. Prophet Cappuccio will be sharing what the Lord has been speaking to him concerning Spiritual Awakening in the Body of Christ. God has called Prophet Cappuccio to sound the Trumpet… To Trumpet the Times and the Seasons that we are in. That in the midst of the Darkness God will bring forth His Glorious, Overcoming Church as we learn to Align ourselves with God’s prophetic Word and position ourselves in prayer. He will be sharing how the prophets of the bible had to stay true to the prophetic sound even when no one else heard it or understood. That they had to be Steadfast and Unmovable, when there were no reports of change in the natural, yet they had to make a decision to stay true to what God had said. Don’t miss this powerful broadcast where you will hear incredible teaching and testimony, concerning waring with the prophetic Word of the Lord! You will be inspired and instructed with prophetic principals that will be life changing when you begin to implement them. What is God speaking to You?  What is God saying? Tune in and find out!

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