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A personal branding and mindset podcast. This is the place to get deeply connected to who you are through mindset work and how to express your expertise through personal branding and thought leadership. My intention is to help you reignite your connection to your highest self and clear away any cobwebs that are keeping you stuck because the best leaders and personal brands are created from the inside out.

Lisa Guillot, PCC, is a bestselling author, certified mindset coach and personal branding expert. You can find her at

Sep 29, 2021

Barbara Best, the co-founder of CAP STRAT, an independent Investment Advisory firm, shares 4 ways to embody a positive and abundant money mindset.

* Reframe your money mindset from victim to victor

* Focus on what you can control to avoid wasting emotional energy

* Be optimistic, which is essential to being...

Sep 22, 2021

Lisa answers two questions from listeners about how to create a personal brand in the workplace, and how to create personal energy to put yourself out there.

Join Lisa for her Be Bright Virtual Event on October 01, 2021. Gift yourself the time to define your Clear Future Vision in your personal brand or business,...

Sep 15, 2021

Listen up for 3 steps to build your personal brand that’s aligned with your masculine and feminine energy—aka: who you are at your most powerful.

In Episode 15 Lisa interviewed Lisa Almquist about what divine feminine energy is and how to connect to your energy.

In Episode 16 Lisa shared differences between...

Sep 8, 2021

Mindset work: Today Lisa’s shares the difference between masculine and feminine energy and how to practice sacred union, because when your energy is in union you can:
- stand in your own power
- make decisions aligned with your clear vision
- confidently share with others
- easily translate who you are into a personal...

Sep 1, 2021

Been wondering what divine feminine energy is? Me too.

Lisa Almquist is a my personal consciousness guide. She is a quantum clairvoyant, energy healer, intuitive, divine channel, and a friend. Lisa A. shares how to align our intuitive divine feminine and divine masculine nature, and why it’s important to be in...