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A personal branding and mindset podcast. This is the place to get deeply connected to who you are through mindset work and how to express your expertise through personal branding and thought leadership. My intention is to help you reignite your connection to your highest self and clear away any cobwebs that are keeping you stuck because the best leaders and personal brands are created from the inside out.

Lisa Guillot, PCC, is a bestselling author, certified mindset coach and personal branding expert. You can find her at

Sep 28, 2022

Today on the pod I’m walking you through the juicy behind-the-scenes details of the Summit of Greatness hosted by Lewis Howes, through a lens of personal branding. Of course with my eye, I'm always looking at personal and professional branding, and how it shows up in events, online and offline.


Lewis Howes is the...

Sep 21, 2022

Today, we're diving into the topic of intuitive social media with a very special guest! This topic excites me because it's blending two of my favorite things, intuition and social media marketing. I can’t wait to introduce you to Caitlin Durning, the owner of Meraki Media Management.


Caitlin's business, Meraki Media...

Sep 14, 2022

Is it time to reimagine your career? I'm having candid conversations with two extraordinary women from Clear Vision U, my mindset and personal branding program, discussing what they like about Clear Vision U, why they signed up, and how they’re choosing to reinvent their connection to what lights them up.



Sep 11, 2022

Join me for my last masterclass of 2022!


I’m popping in really quick because I’m so inspired to share what’s starting on Tuesday! It’s the last masterclass of the year, and I’d hate for you to miss it.


My most senior-level clients are getting the results they desire in...

Sep 7, 2022

Something happened to me and my family a couple of weeks ago that took me a while to process. I was hesitant on sharing on social media because I was so deep in my ego and thinking “Why did this happen to me?” before I could see the gift in it. My guess is that this is going to resonate with you, especially if you...