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A personal branding and mindset podcast. This is the place to get deeply connected to who you are through mindset work and how to express your expertise through personal branding and thought leadership. My intention is to help you reignite your connection to your highest self and clear away any cobwebs that are keeping you stuck because the best leaders and personal brands are created from the inside out.

Lisa Guillot, PCC, is a bestselling author, certified mindset coach and personal branding expert. You can find her at

Nov 8, 2023

I first met Kristen, the CEO of Power of Positivity, a community with over 50 MM followers globally, at a book signing. But I really met her soul hours later on the dance floor as we danced like high school kids while Wyclef Jean DJ'ed 90s hip hop.


Kristen Butler was awarded SUCCESS Magazine's Emerging Entrepreneur in 2022. She is a leader, writer, and visionary in personal development with a huge heart. Her mission is to uplift the planet.


Kristen started Power of Positivity in 2009 after completely transforming her life from rock bottom using the power of positive thinking. Kristen contributes her transformation to a positive mindset, her relationship with God, and an active, plant-based lifestyle.

In this episode, Kristen shares:

  • How she rebuilt her life and started her business from within her comfort zone
  • How she started her community, Power of Positivity, with over 50 million followers
  • Why she started her personal brand in 2023 and overcame limiting beliefs
  • How she uses vision boarding to expand her comfort zone and make new business decisions
  • How to stay true to your vision, even when others doubt you.


Follow Kristin at @positivekristen and her main brand @powerofpositivity


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Lisa Guillot is a certified transformational life and leadership coach and branding expert. She helps her clients find their Clear Vision and bring it to life through her Clear Vision Framework. Her clients include senior level executives of Fortune 500 entertainment and media companies, leaders in marketing and tech, and ambitious entrepreneurs.


In her bestselling book: Find Your Clear Vision: A New Mindset to Create a Vibrant Personal or Professional Brand with Purpose, Lisa Guillot empowers you to reinvent your mindset and build your brand from the inside out.


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Lisa is the founder Be Bright Lisa Coaching. She is also the host of Find Your Clear Vision, a personal branding and mindset podcast.