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A personal branding and mindset podcast. This is the place to get deeply connected to who you are through mindset work and how to express your expertise through personal branding and thought leadership. My intention is to help you reignite your connection to your highest self and clear away any cobwebs that are keeping you stuck because the best leaders and personal brands are created from the inside out.

Lisa Guillot, PCC, is a bestselling author, certified mindset coach and personal branding expert. You can find her at

Dec 7, 2022

Once you find your Clear Vision, what do you do with it? 


How do you share it with others to build your legacy and become a visionary leader? One of the ways to do that is to uncover your Visionary Values. 


Today’s guest, Dean Petrulakis, is a leader who made his Visionary Values a priority and today he’s sharing how that’s shaping his future opportunities. (pssst…it’s called creating your life by design!) 


Visionary Values are the personal and professional ideas that light you up and you love to talk about. When you consistently share and put yourself into these types of conversations, you become known as someone who holds these values as important, and not surprisingly opportunities arise.


Dean Petrulakis is the Senior Vice President of sales at LCP, a Chicago-based print and marketing company known for its creative thinking and high standards of client service. 


Dean and I started coaching together in 2019, and uncovered his #1 Visionary Value: to be unstoppable. This idea has since grown into a brand, and so much more personally and professionally. 


I believe Dean’s success in sales and business development is because of his unstoppable drive to build authentic relationships which are the key force behind the amazing client experiences his team delivers for their high-profile clients. 


What you will learn with Transformational Coach Lisa Guillot:


- The power of finding your Visionary Values 

- How Dean blended professional values and who he is personally. 

- Dean’s wife struggles with mental health, and he has a son who is autistic, he noticed when he shared his “real life” people were drawn to engage with him on a whole new level. 

- Dean is unstoppable with his fitness routine. We talk about his commitment to 75 Hard on LinkedIn

- 75 hard is not a fitness program, it’s a transformative mental toughness program, started by Andy Frisella: 

- Dean is clear on his vision, and how he shares it in the world using the Inner Platform Model which has elevated his client’s experience and relationships. 


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Lisa Guillot, PCC, is a certified transformational mindset coach and personal branding expert. She coaches entrepreneurs and professionals to bring more creativity and agency to their life and career. Lisa blends creativity, design thinking, and neuroscience to unlock what’s next for her clients and build their personal and professional brand. You can find Be Bright Lisa here: or in her Clear Vision U program: