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24 END TIME PROPHECIES with Pastor Rick Blomgren

Sep 30, 2021

This is my MOST IMPORTANT PODCAST!  God through prophecy tells His story of how the last days will play out, leaving no room for doubt. God’s story is AMAZING! Visit us at

Sep 29, 2021

This sounds like there is going to be a Great Awakening to faith in Jesus but is this what is happening? Looking at this by biblical standards, the true answer can be found.  Visit us at


Sep 28, 2021

God has already established the destiny of all nations in the last days. Humanity cannot change what is coming!  God’s peace comes through understanding prophecy.  Visit us at

Sep 23, 2021

God tells us evil will expand in the last days. Some believers feel we can change this, but God tells us otherwise. God offers directions to comfort us until His return. Visit us at 

Sep 22, 2021

The Catholic Church holds the key defining who will transform into the final Mystery Babylon Church. The secret is where the apostle Peter is buried, it’s not Rome!  Visit us at