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24 END TIME PROPHECIES with Pastor Rick Blomgren

Mar 30, 2023

WWIII any time now? NO! Jesus tells us the day He returns in the clouds (His 24thprophecy) the world will be living in a false peace! HE COMES LIKE A THIEF TO STEAL THE WORLD’S FALSE PEACE! The archangel come with Him and “CATCHES US UP” to be with Jesus. This is all “literally” in the bible!

Mar 29, 2023

In episode 221 we learned about the group that will appear to bring WWIII! When it looks like WWIII has arrived, this 13thprophecy will ALTER THE COURSE OF HISTORY! Ten more events then occur rapidly! The 24th brings the catching up and tribulation!  SPECTACULAR!

Mar 29, 2023

WWIII is a topic that even the church is getting wrong today! It will look like it is coming but God has something spectacular in mind. I will be addressing what we should be looking for in this episode 221 followed by 222, and 223! WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR!

Mar 28, 2023

THE BOOK OF JUDE is the second to the last book in the New Testament followed by Revelation.  Written 1,900 years ago, it explains the evil times we are living in today! This book is a blessing setting up how God will soon fix our broken world!

Mar 27, 2023

We are in the last days of the end times!  The deceiver is diligently creating doubts regarding God’s biblical truths! In the church today a new debate on evolution and the dinosaurs is causing internal divisions…Satan’s desire! GOD OFFERS BIBLICAL CLARITY!