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24 END TIME PROPHECIES with Pastor Rick Blomgren

Dec 7, 2023

Before you discount this, in the light of the attack on Israel on 10-7-2023, please listen to this entire episode, you may find this information enlightening!  Unfortunately, the “catching up” of the Church is a controversial subject today! Using 7-books and 44 verses in the bible, God Himself shares His reasoning as to why THE RAPTURE WILL NOT COME IN SECRET – BY DESIGN!  Jesus comes with a “shout” along with the archangel who by “voice” does something amazing! The “shout” by Jesus is not the Rapture! What? How can we know? GOD TELLS US!  What I share with you out of the bible in this episode is BEYOND SPECTACULAR!  I cover all of this IN GREATER DETAIL in my book “STUNNED.”