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24 END TIME PROPHECIES with Pastor Rick Blomgren

Mar 24, 2023

We are in the last days of the end times!  The deceiver is diligently creating doubts regarding God’s biblical truths! In the church today a new debate on evolution and the dinosaurs is causing internal divisions…Satan’s desire! GOD OFFERS BIBLICAL CLARITY!

Mar 22, 2023

How can we filter out what see happening in our world?  When we pray and place our trust in God, like David has expressed in Psalms, we can obtain comfort in these evil times.  Through trust in God, we have nothing to be afraid of and a great deal to give thanks for!

Mar 14, 2023

Through prophecy as we get close to the return of the Lord, God tells us the world will get more depraved.  Trusting in the Lord’s prophetic promises to us should be encouraging? We can sleep peacefully because the Lord has us PROTECTED IN SAFETY!

Mar 9, 2023

Through prophecy we know that EVIL WILL GROW IN THE WORLD in these last days. Everything that is good is seen as evil and everything evil is seen as good…this is biblical! So, what does God say about evil in the bible…HE LAUGHS!  God is in full control!

Mar 1, 2023

The purpose for my Ministry, Podcast and two books is to share with you biblically why THE RAPTURE IS NOT DESIGNED TO COME IN SECRET! God has a far more spectacular plan for this event…IT WILL BE VISIIBLE! God offers a crown reward for knowing about His plan!