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24 END TIME PROPHECIES with Pastor Rick Blomgren

Oct 29, 2021

ISAIAH 61,  7-WORDS THAT REDEFINE END TIMES PROPHECY!   SEVEN INCREDIBLE WORDS in Isaiah 61, clarify what Jesus intends to say when He next arrives in the clouds. It is not what has been accepted by tradition, it will be FAR MORE SPECTAULAR!

Oct 27, 2021

JESUS’ SHOUT IN THE CLOUD - NOT THE RAPTURE!  WHAT IS IT?  When Jesus comes in the clouds with a shout, what is it? God’s entire biblical story is about the Jews. The answer is Isaiah 61:2, it is not the rapture, it’s AMAZING!

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Oct 26, 2021

GOD’S TRUE GREAT RESET WILL BE SPECTACULAR!   Many believers are afraid of what is called the Great Reset.  There is good news!  God has shared with us in prophecy He has a GREATER RESET coming…it is going to be SPECTACULAR!  Visit us at

Oct 19, 2021

WWIII – EMP ATTACK – ONLY FALSE PROPHETS TEACH THIS!  Is God perfect? Yes! He tells us that when He returns, He will steal away a false peace in the world; can there be peace after a World War? No. God’s story is incredible! Visit us at

Oct 14, 2021


FEAR - A TOOL TO CONTROL THE MASSES!  For the GREAT RESET to solidify, governments need to be able to seize power without elections. They have achieved this capability. The world is about to change! Visit us at