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24 END TIME PROPHECIES with Pastor Rick Blomgren

Jan 22, 2024

ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT WORLD EVENTS? Everything in the middle east is lining up for a major war. When it arrives, it will end virtually overnight by the hands of God alone! THIS WILL LIKELY ARRIVE IN 2024 it will be Ezekiel 38! Watch specifically for when Russia gets involved, this will occur soon and will be the trigger. A MAJOR DISCONNECT IN THE CHURCH TODAY is an old traditional belief in a doctrine called “imminence.” This is when Jesus will take us in the Rapture secretly at any moment with no warning in the twinkling of an eye.Is this what God is telling us will happen? NO!  How can we know this? GOD TELLS US DIRECTLY!  What I share with you out of the bible in this episode is BEYOND SPECTACULAR!