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Experience Strategy Podcast with Stone Mantel

Aug 9, 2023

Do you want to excel through the stories you tell, but find yourself struggling to clarify your message and impact? Our guest today is Park Howell, known as The World’s Most Industrious Storyteller for his track record of growing purpose-driven brands by using the power of story. Listen to learn:

  • Why stories are the most direct route to empathy

  • How to make your customer the hero of your story

  • How to use the ancient ABT (AND, BUT, and THEREFORE) Framework to cast a spell with your story.

Learn more about Park and his work at

  • He also hosts the popular weekly Business of Story podcast, is the author of Brand Bewitchery, and co-author of The Narrative Gym for Business. 

  • He joins us today to share one of his most well-knkown frameworks: The ABT framework. AKA AND, BUT and THEREFORE.

  • Let’s go back to the beginning. What prompted you to look for this framework?