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Experience Strategy Podcast with Stone Mantel

Mar 8, 2023

On this very special episode of The Experience Strategy Podcast, Dave Norton and Aransas Savas are getting meta as they are joined by the producer of this podcast and the Founder and CEO of Produce Your Podcast, Traci DeForge.

Traci is a pioneer in the world of podcasting and has created a thriving business in helping companies translate their services into audio formats that grow their brands. The industry is changing, though, and her clients' needs are evolving, so in this conversation, we help her identify powerful new ways to serve her clients, boost the value of the time they- and their audiences - spend together, and even find a creative new way to use existing processes to deepen customer insight as her business and the category grows. 

Three impactful questions every business owner, or experience strategist, can ask to learn how to better serve their customers:

  1. Did we succeed at the job the customer wanted to be done?

  2. Was the customer engaged in the experience?

  3. Did the customer feel like the experience was a good value for their time?


If you are ready to have more impact on your customer and your business, please listen to this episode!