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Experience Strategy Podcast with Stone Mantel

Jun 26, 2021

Welcome to the Experience Strategy Podcast, the only podcast focused on the challenges of creating and executing an experience strategy.


In this debut episode, your hosts, Aransas Savas and Dave Norton welcome you to their new podcast. Aransas is a coach and Experience Designer who has worked with leading consumer brands for the last 20 years. Dave is an Experience Strategist and the founder of the Insights Consultancy, Stone Mantle and author. Listen in to learn a little more about Dave and Aransas and the ways this show is going to tap into smart consumers, small business owners and big business experts to understand what makes an impactful experience strategy. 


In This Episode:

  • [01:00] Getting to know Dave and Aransas and how they met
  • [04:18] Aransas’s start in theatre and her love for storytelling that led her to became interested in Experience Strategy
  • [06:20] Dave’s PhD work and time at a design firm where he led design research 
  • [08:00] The influence of Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore’s book, The Experience Economy[09:20] The thrill of redesigning a resort private island and cruise lines experience industry
  • [11:27] The genesis of The Stone Mantel Collaborative
  • [13:00] Stories of working with CocoaVia, Disney and the Smithsonian
  • [15:00] Creating meaningful experience strategies in 2021
  • [17:17] The goals of the Experience Strategy Podcast
  • [20:00] How we will grade companies that we dig into on The Experience Strategy Podcast


Key Takeaways:

  • There are hundreds of Customer Experience Podcasts out there, but this is the only one designed to help companies big and small design experience strategies that deepen brand relationships
  • The show will feature small business owners, big names in experience strategy and smart consumers to create actionable impact 
  • The hosts main hope for this podcast is to help a business think about things from the consumer’s standpoint. Questions like, Did the consumer feel like this was time well spent? Did they reach their target audience? What are different techniques that can be used?