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Experience Strategy Podcast with Stone Mantel

Dec 15, 2021

Our homes are getting smarter! The more technology understands our unique needs and modes, the more it can make our lives easier and more meaningful. Today we are joined by Tanseela Molani, the Senior Manager of Experience Research at the Chamberlain Group, to discuss how experience insights are shaping the future of smart home technology. 


In This Episode: 


  • [1:14] What is experience research?
  • [3:06] How Chamberlain Group is working to benefit their consumers in current times.  
  • [5:30] Identifying consumer needs. 
  • [7:28] How do consumer trust and convenience come into play when companies are designing new technologies and services?
  • [19:45] Tech companies rely on consumer intelligence for innovation  
  • [22:33] Connecting micro moments of our lives can drive technological advancements.  
  • [33:40] How companies can measure customer experience return on investment (ROI).  
  • [37:33] Final thoughts.  


Key Takeaways: 


  • Our needs and motivations change throughout the day, and smart products, technologies, and services should reflect those changes.  
  • When we move from one “mode” to another, we are moving through a threshold, even if just for a moment.  These thresholds are the moments tech companies need to study to better understand customer needs.  
  • As a consumer, companies providing a service or experience through smart technology need honest feedback.  This will allow them to upgrade and adapt their technology to further serve customers.  
  • Strategists should focus on digging deeper into what drives behaviors, thoughts, trends.  


Bio: Tanseela Molani


Tanseela Molani joined Chamberlain Group in 2017 as Sr. Manager, Experience Research. Prior to Chamberlain Group, she led the design research team at United Airlines and Motorola Mobility. During her tenure at these companies she drove meaningful growth by gaining a deep understanding of underlying customer needs and motivations, such as resetting the tone of the disrupted traveler notifications, to creating new mobile phone experiences when mobile phones were still a new technology. Professionally, nothing is more fulfilling for Tanseela than uncovering the motivational nugget that can lead to innovation, a better product or a new service.


Tanseela is a graduate of University of Calgary, where she majored in Industrial Design, with a sub-focus on design management. She resides in the Chicago metro with her husband. Outside of work, Tanseela enjoys a good TV binge, baking and working out.