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Experience Strategy Podcast with Stone Mantel

Jun 22, 2022

Today we are talking to Roger Beasley about Customer Modes, the mindsets and behaviors that help people get jobs done. We look at what they are and how they work through the lens of the restaurant industry. Tune in to learn how modes thinking has the key to unlock experience strategy and journey work in powerful new ways. 




  • [1:35] Introduction to Roger Beasley
  • [3:37] What are modes, jobs, ques, and how do they work together?
  • [8:39] How to connect the brand to the consumer.
  • [12:13] Roger talks about how technology shifted the mode people are in and how the restaurant chains need to shift their focus.
  • [17:50] We discuss the top modes found in restaurant customers and how they relate to the different channels. 
  • [21:50] How the rise of virtual brands came about (DoorDash, UberEats, etc.)
  • [28:25] The need to customize your brand with the situation of why people will order.
  • [31:46] The different requirements for different channels/modes, moving away from loyalty programs.




  • People no longer order from restaurants because they like that specific restaurant's food; they are ordering based on the mode they are in - productivity, relaxing, etc. 
  • With the creation and use of UberEats and DoorDash, the people ordering the food are not the restaurant's customers; they are the customers of third-party brands. So it’s essential to create a new brand to draw customers back to your restaurant. 
  • As the number of delivery channels increase, companies need to focus on modes to excel with customer experience. Why is the customer ordering? How can you make it more convenient for them by meeting them in the mode they’re in?  




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Roger Beasley has been a key contributor to the development of successful business, brand and marketing strategies for some of the most recognized companies in America. Throughout his 28-year career, he has served a broad range of B2C and B2B industries, developing strong, lasting relationships with the leadership of his clients by demonstrating a deep understanding of their business and an unwavering commitment to helping them achieve sustainable success.


A versatile, inquisitive strategist and leader, some of Roger’s most noted accomplishments include helping to develop the brand positioning for a regional consumer finance company that has grown into the nation’s largest retail lending chain; leading the successful turnaround of a golf management brand that ultimately led to its multi-million dollar acquisition; helping identify the brand strategy for the successful turnaround of one of America’s most popular 24-hour restaurant chains; and co-founding a thought leadership conference featuring some of the world’s leading innovators focused on inspiring organizational change.


Roger frequently speaks on the topic of brand building and strategy development. He is also an adjunct professor at Clemson University where he brings real-world perspective to the training of America’s next generation of business and brand strategists.