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Experience Strategy Podcast with Stone Mantel

Aug 17, 2022

In this episode of the Experience Strategy podcast we go deep into the lived experience of Play mode with our friend, Michelle Lee, Managing Director of IDEO's Play Lab. Tap into Michelle’s vast knowledge of the experience of play to understand the mindsets and behaviors associated with this mode, and how we, as experience strategists, can tap into the power of play.



  • Why play matters for consumers, employees, and brands
  • The mindsets and behaviors that define play
  • Ways to measure the ROI of Play
  • Ideas for building Play into any experience




As Managing Director of IDEO's Play Lab, Michelle Lee leads an integrated research, design, and development team bringing engaging, interactive and playful experiences to market. Her Design for Play team builds upon 30+ years in toy invention, leveraging the principles of play to connect with people at a deeper emotional level that captivates, delights, and empowers. Beyond specializing in toys and kids, Michelle is passionate about using play to address difficult challenges and create meaningful change across industries, including driving responsible digital design, inspiring underrepresented students to pursue careers in STEM, and supporting organizations in adopting practices in line with a circular economy.