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Experience Strategy Podcast with Stone Mantel

Oct 13, 2021

In this episode of The Experience Strategy Podcast, we are joined by Mary Putman, Lead Digital Strategist for The Collaboratives at Stone Mantel. We discuss how The Collaboratives make learning and research an interactive and transformative experience. Unlike conferences which provide ideas, but rarely support integration into your real-life scenarios, or traditional research that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per project, or development programs which can take years to complete, The Collaboratives teach you skills and frameworks to lead digital, hybrid, IRL Experience Strategy in your organization, while solving complex real-life problems at a fraction of the cost of even a single research project.


In This Episode:

  • [03:17] Mary’s experience as a member of The Collaboratives before joining the team.
  • [04:34] How The Collaboratives came to be and how the program works.
  • [11:09] The biggest benefit to becoming a member of The Collaboratives.
  • [15:40] Participating in The Collaborative in person or virtually.
  • [17:02] The Healthcare and Retail tracks of the current program and their goals.
  • [21:47] The new Experience Strategy Certification.
  • [26:39] The Collaboratives FAQs.
  • [30:29] The ideal participant for The Collaboratives.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Collaboratives is a unique year-long immersive program that takes a collaborative approach to solving big hairy problems within organizations and leaves its participants more well-rounded, well-informed, and innovative experience leaders.
  • The ideal participant for The Collaboratives program isn’t just for those from big companies. It’s for anybody who wants to make a difference for their customers and their experiences.
  • There is an incredible amount of learning and inspiration across the teams participating in The Collaboratives.
  • The new Experience Strategy Certification will help participants in The Collaboratives (and potentially non-participants in the future) become leaders within their organization and deliver a high level of strategic insight and thought leadership.


Links Mentioned:

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Mary loves helping companies transform.  She has a passion for consumer insights, data and innovation.  With extensive expertise in digital, innovation, marketing, finance, and strategy, she brings foresight into the business — championing ways to foster growth.  Before becoming a thought leader and facilitator of the Collaboratives with Stone Mantel, Mary led Digital Capability Innovation and Business Development at Hallmark.   She led Hallmark’s Omnichannel strategy, helped frame the new brand promise and helped launch Hallmark Magazine. Mary drove change at Hallmark as an advocate for open innovation, APIs, social integration, and a mobile-first approach to everything.   Mary has extensive speaking experience at large and small conferences.  She earned an MBA in Marketing & Finance from Rockhurst College in 1996.  Mary lives in Kansas City and enjoys sailing, disc golf, gardening, and biking.  She is also a fan of the Chiefs and Kansas City BBQ.