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Experience Strategy Podcast with Stone Mantel

Oct 27, 2021

Most businesses only collect feedback from 1% of their customers and by the time they’ve reviewed it, it’s too late to effectively respond. It’s time to address the problem of biased and irrelevant customer research. Georgina Nelson, Founder of TruRating, joins us to discuss how she’s helping her clients collect actionable and contextual customer feedback at point-of-sale. Tune in to hear why it’s time to let go of Net Promoter Score (NPS).

In This Episode:

  • [02:55] Introducing Georgina and TruRating.
  • [04:02] Examining survey fatigue and the underrepresentation of customer experience.
  • [07:54] The thesis behind TruRating.
  • [11:25] Ensuring actionable feedback by focusing on the “what” instead of the “who”.
  • [17:27] What TruRating’s customers are saying and how they’re getting closer to their customers.
  • [25:04] The problem with NPS.
  • [30:17] The big lessons Georgina is taking from her work and what she’s seeing emerge.
  • [33:29] How TruRating is an excellent example of the movement happening amongst consumers towards a focus on context.


Key Takeaways:

  • Businesses usually hear from less than 1% of their customers, and the majority of that feedback is from days or weeks after the event. TruRating is a way to give consumers a voice back to businesses in a far easier, quicker, and anonymous manner.
  • TruRating ensures actionable feedback by emphasizing the what and not the who with a super quick and simple point-of-sale rating system.
  • Why it’s important to focus on context and driving social proof and organic SEO.
  • NPS alone is no longer the business-driving decision-maker that we once thought it was. Specific situational data gives us a much better read on customers in general.


Links Mentioned:


Georgina LinkedIn 



Georgina studied Psychology at University, where she became fascinated with how to measure, understand, and predict human behavior.  She realized that key to everything was data you could trust, which required sample sizes not usually seen in market research.  After graduating George took a turn into law, working first in finance with Clifford Chance LLP before joining Europe’s largest consumer association Which? representing consumer privacy and data issues at an EU and UK Government level.  It was here she identified a market need for representative consumer feedback.  Putting two and two together Georgina created TruRating, a point-of-sale rating system that by making feeding back super simple and super quick, achieves what other survey tools fail to do - mass, genuine customer data samples at speed.  TruRating doesn’t stop there, all data is shared back to consumers via profile pages, to ensure that the data exchange is a fair one for both parties.   With over 250 million ratings collected worldwide, TruRating is now the world’s largest platform of validated consumer ratings.