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Experience Strategy Podcast with Stone Mantel

Aug 11, 2021


The experience of food shopping is fundamentally about reliability and consistency, but standout brands like Trader Joe’s use powerful Experience Strategies to differentiate their brands, add meaning and value for consumers, and build loyal fan bases. In this episode of the Experience Strategy Podcast, NYC-based blogger Halle Sarfin chats with Aransas and Dave about her love for grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and what keeps her coming back



  • [02:00] Halle shares what motivated her to create a platform for sharing positive and motivational vibes that could help her connect with others looking to lead happy and healthy lives.
  • [04:30] Food shopping is a hobby for Halle and she describes her love for Trader Joe’s by sampling and sharing new items. 
  • [06:30] Halle describes what her typical shopping experience is like when she goes to Trader Joe’s to get her “regular items” and also how she decides on trying new things.
  • [09:30] Halle describes the “Trader Joe’s Customer Identity”. 
  • [17:40] Dave shares the coordinated strategy of “Theming” and how Trader Joe’s uses it as a key part of their brand to make the shopping experience for consumers very powerful.
  • [21:00] Discussion on how important the brand loyalty experience has been at connecting customers who share a love for shopping at Trader Joe’s.



  • Every industry has the potential to add meaning for their customers: Through experience strategy, the mundane task of food shopping can instead be a form of self-care. 
  • Brands can build loyalty through experience: Food shopping for people is fundamentally about reliability and consistency, but standout brands create surprise and delight to differentiate and add value. 
  • “Theming” an experience is a way to bring a brand story to life and connect with consumers.


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Halle created her own brand called thetoogoodlife when she discovered her passion for the health/wellness industry. She posts all things health, fitness, and food but puts an emphasis on balance. She lives in NYC and loves discovering new workouts and local farmer’s markets. She loves iced coffee, sushi, avocado toast and can most likely be found on a spin bike or taking a walk along the water. She is in the process of becoming a certified health coach where she hopes to help people live happier and healthier lives. She loves to inspire and motivate others and believes the too good life platform is the perfect place to do that. Check her out on Instagram @thetoogoodlife.