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Experience Strategy Podcast with Stone Mantel

Feb 1, 2023

Historically, customers expected categories like hospitality and healthcare to support their wellbeing. Today, categories as wide-ranging as finance and electronics are expected to design for wellbeing.  Don’t think you’re in the wellbeing industry? Think again. Cultural shifts and crises have changed the game. In this episode, we are joined by Sallie Fraenkel, the founder of Mind Body Spirit Network, and the former CMO & COO of SpaFinder and EVP for the Global Wellness Summit. Together we look at how changing customer expectations influence the perception of your experience and specific ways that you can meaningfully integrate wellbeing for your customers and company. 



  1. A decade ago, customers sought pampering from experiences. With time, that has become less differentiating. In fact, it’s become a functional job to be done. Now, customers demand a more systemic understanding of their needs. They want companies to deliver products that support their total wellbeing.
  2. To meet the wellbeing needs of customers, look at the role you play in their life systems. Understanding those intersections will help you better serve them as you synch, coordinate and align with their lives.
  3. Use moments of intention and reflection to understand what your customers value, and where they most need you to support their systems.



Sallie Fraenkel is the founder of Mind Body Spirit Network which was founded in 2014 to offer consulting services to wellness-oriented businesses and networking events for wellness-oriented individuals.  Sallie’s passion for wellness travel and tourism has led her to destination spas and resorts around the world where she has created numerous trips, tours and experiences for wellness industry-insiders and travelers. Between 2004 to 2014, Fraenkel served as CMO & COO of SpaFinder and EVP for the Global Wellness Summit. Her first career was in the entertainment industry where she ran the home entertainment division for Showtime. As a leader in the industry, Fraenkel serves on several boards including the Transformational Travel Council, GSN Planet, NYSPA, One Well World, Well Defined and Vacayou. Fraenkel draws upon the expertise of many professionals with whom she has collaborated during her career. She values creativity, ingenuity, authenticity, integrity, and connection in her work and that of others.