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Experience Strategy Podcast with Stone Mantel

May 25, 2022

Does your experience serve your current customer? How about your future customer? Do you know if your experience is time well spent for your customer? Or if they are truly engaged? Or if the outcomes you’re delivering matter to them? In today’s episode, we are joined by Sheila Akbar, the president & COO of Signet Education to explore what happens when companies make measurement a meaningful part of the experience. 




  • [01:20] What is Signet Education and what do they do?
  • [04:35] How does Sheila take a holistic approach with Signet Education?
  • [07:38] The current challenges Signet Education is tackling right now.
  • [13:34] Using repeated tooling as a Life Wheel to measure felt shifts. 
  • [17:30] What is the Time Well Spent Index and how is it used to measure customer satisfaction with an experience?
  • [20:29] Implementing reflection metrics to encourage customers to reflect on how the experience has changed them and what it means to them.
  • [30:19] Sheila’s reflections on Signet Education experience metrics.
  • [32:29] Consumers want data that shows how they're doing and how you're doing as a company.




  • Ask yourself what you are measuring and why. What is the goal of taking that  measurement? Who is it serving? Question that at the beginning of any initiative.
  • Companies don’t see measurement as part of the experience. They see it as an after-effect, but it’s often the last touchpoint we have with the product. Make it an essential part of what you do.
  • Find out what your customers value. What matters to them and how they want to spend their time with you so that you're not spinning your wheels on stuff that isn't that important to them. And then use that information to optimize the experience. 




Signet Education Website




Sheila Akbar is Signet's President & COO and has been with the company since 2010. She loves both teaching and learning and finds nothing more rewarding than working closely with students to overcome the challenges they face. Drawing on her own academic and career experience, with its many twists and turns, she encourages students to find their own path through exploration and experimentation. 


After graduating from Harvard in 2002, Sheila worked in financial services before continuing her academic career, which culminated in two doctorates. She brings her significant business and academic experience to bear on her current role at Signet, which includes speaking to clients to craft tailored solutions for their needs, managing the administrative team, and providing educational thought leadership for the company. Sheila holds a bachelor's degree and master's degree from Harvard University and two doctorate degrees from Indiana University.