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Learn about the benefits of chiropractic care from Dr. Rachel Myers and Dr. Tri Myers, a wife/husband team with practices in Sanford and Apex, NC. On the podcast, and their YouTube channel, Rachel & Tri will explore a wide range of topics in the chiropractic space. Expect tips, debates, testimonials, analysis of different styles of chiropractic care, examples and testimonials, and so much more.

Mar 17, 2022

In just ten minutes we’ll break down ‘Electric Stim’ as a treatment you might get when seeing a chiropractor. Find how it’s used in our office and learn more about the store units versus the professional systems. We’ll also share tips on how to use them and provide a demonstration. Enjoy this St. Patrick's day muscle stim podcast!


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What we discuss in this episode: 

0:35 – Why would we need this?

1:58 – Is it worth it?

3:27 – Tens unit vs muscle stim  

4:59 – Testing it out on Rachel

6:40 – Using Microcurrents

7:03 – How long is the treatment  

8:10 – When not to use this


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