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Life Love Music & Space Travel

Mar 3, 2023

I recently hit the milestone year mark since launching my podcast!! 
What a year it's been!!
In this episode you'll hear me reflecting on my past year, along with sharing my experience regarding the importance of and power behind self-reflection :)
Our trips around the sun are journeys NOT to be missed, and so perhaps I'll inspire you to do a bit of reflecting on YOUR recent trip around the sun, while also immersing yourself in the present moment ;)
Here's to another year, along with staying in today ;) THANKS for all the support :) I'm grateful to be on the ride with all ya'll!! 

**DISCLAIMER: Please take note that any references to ketamine infusions or any other form of medicinal treatments, mainstream or non mainstream, are strictly meant to provide an insight into my own experiences. That being said, should you find yourself curious about anything spoken about on my podcast I firmly suggest speaking to a doctor/psychologist/therapist/family member/psychiatrist/etc. before making any decisions. Asking for help is a courageous act.

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