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Life Love Music & Space Travel

Apr 8, 2024

A good portion of my time on planet Earth has been spent daydreaming, projecting or dwelling, longing for things to be different, filled with a desire to be doing anything OTHER than what I was doing at the time. How about you?
And although I've been on a more awakeneded plane these past many years, it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I was presented with the verbal concept of, "I'd rather be doing what I'm doing."
Since then I have been very focused on that exact concept!! What's been extra cool is that I'm realizing that for quite some time that that HAS been my mindset! I just hadn't put it into words ;) Thank goodness for The Michael Singer Podcast, and most importantly the student he was referring to when he mentioned said student had made a bumper sticker with that exact message :)
In this episode I, in one form or another, ask the question, "If we'd rather not be doing what we're doing then why are we doing what we're doing?"
Take a listen as I share about my present experience with my present practice of living this concept AND hopefully be inspired to either deepen you're own practice OR begin to ask yourself this question so as to find your way to saying, "I'd rather be doing what I'm doing," and truly mean it! :)

**DISCLAIMER: Please take note that any references to ketamine infusions or any other form of medicinal treatments, mainstream or non mainstream, are strictly meant to provide an insight into my own experiences. That being said, should you find yourself curious about anything spoken about on my podcast I firmly suggest speaking to a doctor/psychologist/therapist/family member/psychiatrist/etc. before making any decisions. Asking for help is a courageous act.

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