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Jul 18, 2022

We live in a Nation with supposedly the best healthcare, yet the people of this Nation are getting sicker and sicker.  Cancer centers are being opened more and more around us.  Medical buildings being built everywhere we turn.  Why?

Yes, the food we eat can contribute to these dis-eases as well as the lifestyles we live.  The medications we are on can be perpetuating additional illnesses by their side effects.  But I bet you will never guess what is another area that highly contributes to these dis-eases.  Studies show that 85-90% of illnesses or dis-eases are from this very important issue in our life.

Listen to my video/podcast to discover what this other issue is that could be contributing to your ill-health.  It may surprise you.

Is this issue plaguing you and contributing to your il-health?  Then let’s have a 30-Minute Free Call to begin that journey of freedom, peace and joy.

Essential Oils for Emotional Support

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