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May 30, 2024

How can adopting a mindset of giving and gratitude transform your life and help you achieve your goals?


In this segment of Mindset Shorts, host Suja welcomes back guest Bharat Kona to discuss the importance of mindset in achieving personal and financial goals. Bharat shares his passion for supporting education for underprivileged children globally and how giving back has become a source of happiness and satisfaction for him. He also discusses the impact of Tony Robbins' teachings on his mindset shift, which has helped him become more productive, focused, and successful in accomplishing his short-term and long-term goals. Bharat emphasizes the significance of daily rituals, such as visualization, affirmations, gratitude practice, and meditation, in staying focused and organized on his journey.


Bharat is a dedicated full-time sponsor and operator in commercial real estate, with a proven track record of acquiring and managing 650 units across the South and Midwest regions. Well-connected capital raiser, having successfully secured over $6.5 million to date. Proficient in asset management, financial underwriting, capital raise, and investor relations.



[00:00:00] - [00:01:00] The Power of Giving Back

- Bharat's passion for supporting education for underprivileged children

- The transformative impact of education on modest families

- Giving back as a source of happiness and satisfaction


[00:01:00] - [00:04:00] Mindset Shift with Tony Robbins

- Discovering Tony Robbins' teachings through books and seminars

- The impact of Tony Robbins' coaching on Bharat's mindset

- Accomplishing short-term and long-term goals through a shifted mindset


[00:04:00] - [00:05:00] Giving is Living

- Tony Robbins' philosophy: "Giving is living"

- The importance of building a habit of giving, even when starting small

- Bharat's journey of giving back and its significance in his life


[00:05:00] - [00:07:00] Daily Routines for Success

- The importance of daily rituals, as discussed in the book "Morning Miracle"

- Bharat's daily practices: visualization, affirmations, gratitude, and yoga

- Challenges in maintaining routines while traveling


[00:07:00] - [00:08:00] Weekly Reflection and Planning

- Dedicating half a day each weekend for silent meditation and reflection

- Reviewing progress and identifying areas for improvement

- Planning for the upcoming week to stay on track




- "Giving is living." - Tony Robbins, as mentioned by Bharat Kona


"For me, I'm quite passionate about supporting education for underprivileged children globally, here in this country, or in Asia or Africa, and that's been very close to my heart." - Bharat Kona


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