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Paralegals on Fire! with Ann Pearson

Apr 1, 2024

About the Guest(s):

Jaclyn Foster is dedicated to empowering freelance paralegals nationwide, helping them achieve their entrepreneurial dreams in the legal industry. As a former paralegal turned multiple six-figure entrepreneur, Jaclyn's journey from subcontracting to founding her own successful freelancing venture has equipped her with invaluable insights.

As the CEO of Freelance Paralegals USA, she provides a revolutionary platform connecting law firms with skilled freelance professionals. Through her signature course, Freelance Paralegal Roadmap, podcast, and YouTube channel, Jaclyn guides individuals on the path to realizing their aspirations of six-figure freelancing.

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Jaclyn joins host Ann Pearson to discuss the misconceptions surrounding freelance paralegals and the opportunities available in the freelance paralegal industry. Jaclyn shares her personal journey of becoming a freelance paralegal and explains how freelancing can provide financial stability, work-life balance, and professional authority. She also highlights the importance of gaining experience in a law firm before venturing into freelance work and offers insights into the growing demand for freelance paralegals in the legal industry. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Building stability as a freelance paralegal requires establishing long-term relationships with attorneys and offering services through hourly packages that provide ongoing work.
  • The demand for freelance paralegals is increasing as law firms realize the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of outsourcing work to experienced professionals.
  • New paralegals should consider gaining experience in a law firm before venturing into freelance work, as law firms prefer to hire freelancers who can immediately start performing legal tasks without extensive training.
  • Jacqueline Foster's Freelance Paralegal Roadmap course provides paralegals with the knowledge and strategies to start and grow their own freelance businesses. Her online marketplace, Freelance Paralegals USA, connects attorneys with freelance paralegals.

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