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The story of how British citizenship developed and why this matters for questions of race, migration and belonging in 'Global Britain'

Hosted and produced by Michaela Benson.

Cover Art: George Kalivis

Production and post-production: Art of Podcast 

Jun 22, 2023

This bonus episode features the full length recording of Elspeth Guild, legal scholar and counsel and our guest in Season 3 Episode 2, offering deep insights into the development of the EU's free movement regime, from its early form as a structure supporting the mobility of workers to its current form linked to EU...

Jun 2, 2023

 We’re talking Freedom of Movement, its role in the formation of an EU–wide imagined community, and the experiences of people who have lost their FOM rights due to Brexit. Catherine Craven explains what we mean when we talk about Freedom of Movement within the EU, its institutional underpinnings and social...