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The Glass House with Ben and Lynley Mandrell

Aug 28, 2023

In design, it is often said, there should be an unexpected element in every room We have decided to lean into this rule in podcasting as well and throw in something completely unexpected. We have asked our producer, Angie Elkins, to completely surprise us with questions that we hope will help you get to know us better, provoke you to think about some things that you have not before, and honestly, just laugh along with us 


We are calling these episodes, On the Spot with Ben and Lynley, because we have no idea what is coming. Today you will hear us answering random questions, but in upcoming episodes, Angie will be surprising us with topics that we know you, as listeners, want to hear more about. We hope you enjoy these. We would love, as always, to hear what topics you would like to hear more about in these On-the-Spot episodes.  



Julia Louis Dryfus episode with Jane Fonda (Language warning) 

The Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger 

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