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Turn it Over with Susie and Rob

Nov 15, 2021

Join us as Susie and Robert interview Susie’s 88 year old grandmother about life, love and days remembered. You’ll love her candor and uncensored take about the world today.



Christmas is coming — and fast! And depending on where you are in your parenting journey, this can be an exciting thing, an overwhelming thing, or both!But here’s the deal. Christmastime doesn’t have to be an exhausting, survival-mode time of year. It can be a season of renewal as we anticipate the birth and celebration of Jesus Christ!


It’s for this very reason that Christian Parenting created a brand-new resource for parents like you. It’s the Read, Ask, Go! Interactive Advent Devotional for the Whole Family, and we’d love to put one in your hands today. Created to be used every day from December 1-25, the Read, Ask, Go! devotional experience gives you and your family dedicated time each day this Advent season to read the Scripture, ask some questions, and go serve your family, neighbors, and world.


If you’re looking for a way to push the easy button on a meaningful spiritual resource for your family this Advent, this is it! So grab your copy of the Read, Ask, Go! devotional experience before they’re gone. Just visit to get your copy today.